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    Visiting Locke

    Visitors are welcome to Locke and there are no fees for visiting.  The entire town is a historical site, but also a  living community; therefore, visitors ought to respect the privacy of Locke’s residents.

     Docent Tours of Locke

     Docent tours of Locke are available to groups only. A minimum of ten people is required. Tours are conducted on Friday, Saturday, and  Sunday from 11 AM.      Reservation is required.

     Other days are available for group tours. 

     Student group tours are welcome.

    Chinese language tours are available.

    Costs: $5 per visitor or $3 per student/senior (62 years or older) visitor.


The Locke Foundation offers docent tours to student groups.  A tour of Locke typically takes 1 ½ hours, including a historical orientation of the Chinese in the Delta and California.  Cost is $3 per student.  Bus parking is available.  Two restaurants in town can accommodate about 35 - 40 students and students are welcome to bring their lunches.

To schedule a tour or for more information, please contact the Locke Foundation at 916-776-1684, 916-776-1828, or E-mail to lockeinfo@comcast.net